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Web Data Poster

System Requirements:
Bullet Windows 95/98 or Windows NT.
Bullet 32 MB RAM
Bullet 4 MB Disk Space
Bullet Connection to the Internet. .
Bullet Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher.
Product Description:

The Web Page Data Poster is designed to read an export file, then send that data to a Web site in the form of a data posting. The data can be sent encrypted at up to 128 bits. The encryption is handled by the wininet.dll which is supplied in Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher. The application can keep track of what was sent, and when. The application can reject any duplicate data before it is sent to the Web Site. This application can also validate and translate data from one format to another before it is sent to the Web Site. Setting up the application is as simple as having the application read the form file that the web site uses. The client that requested this software uses it to post Workers Compensation data from their Workers Compensation application to the Workers Compensation Fund of Utah Web Site. The client no longer has to do any double entry, and the Workers Compensation Fund of Utah gets the data that day.

Schwab Software Systems has designed numerous custom software packages. We can customize the Web Data Poster to meet your needs, send us an E-Mail if you would like more information about our products, our rates and prices are very reasonable.

Product Cost
Description Cost
First License 400.00
Additional Licenses 200.00
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