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Job Manager

System Requirements:
Bullet Windows 95/98 or Windows NT.
Bullet 32 MB RAM
Bullet Connection to Internet.
Bullet Windows Compatible Printer

Product Description:

Job Manger is designed to help you manage jobs from other applications. This product was designed to interface with PeopleSoft HRMS, but it can interface with any other system just as easily. Job Manger was designed to allow you so separate jobs into categories, for Example: Professional, Research, and Trades. Job Manager will build Web pages for each category and then post them to your Web Site. Job Manager also allows you to print hard copies, if you wish. Job Manager allows you to tweak the posting data to fit the job. Job Manager allows you to change the Job Title, Salary Range, or any other data that is displayed on the Web Site. Job Manger also allows quick and easy access to all the Applications, along with search capabilities to help your staff.

Schwab Software Systems has designed numerous custom software packages. We can customize the Job Manager to meet your needs, send us an E-Mail if you would like more information about our products, our rates and prices are very reasonable.

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